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Osaro Jewel is an online wig shop created to inspire compassion and care. We have over 10 years of experience in the wig industry and we have been selling wigs to customers from all over the world.

How OsaroJewel Can Help

We can design a wig for you. With our skills and expertise, we’re confident we can build you the wig of your dreams! We hand craft each custom human hair wig to fit your specifications and head measurements. In order to ensure a life like appearance, we hand tie each and every single strand of hair into every wig we produce. We also utilize materials like lace, mono-filament, polyurethane, and silicone into our designs to ensure our wigs are sturdy and durable. We buy human hair from various ethnic backgrounds as well as multiple colors, textures, and lengths. Having a vast inventory of hair on hand allows us to perfectly match a new wig to your current hair or to replicate the hair you had prior to hair loss. We create natural looking wigs that are light weight and comfortable to wear. Wigs tied with human hair have the most generous life span of any wig on the market. A human hair wig can last upwards of 5 years depending on maintenance and basic wear and tear.

Why Celebrities Wear Wigs

Ever wondered why bleaching your hair was the worst thing you ever did to it, when Gwen Stefani and Beyoncé’s hair always looks so healthy and silky smooth? It’s because the women in Hollywood now know better than to subject their hair to that kind of damage. Most celebrities wear lace front wigs. They’re generally more expensive than regular cap wigs but are much higher quality too. The cap underneath is comprised of thin transparent lace to give the hairline and scalp a more natural look, and real human hair is hand-tied into the lace itself. They’re virtually impossible to detect but if you look close-up look, you may be able to just make out the secret behind your favorite celebs crowning glory.

Medical Treatment and Hair Loss

A great way to battle the appearance related side effects of cancer or alopecia treatment is to wear a wig while you wait for your original hair to return. Compassionate Osaro specializes in making wigs to wear during medical treatment. We can design a wig for you no matter what stage of the healing process you’re currently in. All of our custom wigs are designed and hand-crafted to meet your exact specifications. We strive to offer our clients personalized attention and support.

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